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Rock Band 2

The new guitar from Rock Band 2

The first edition of Rock Band isn’t even launched in countries like Sweden, but in the US (and other countries of course) you might be able to pick up Rock Band 2 already in September – at least if you own a Xbox 360. A long interview with the Lead Designer Dan Teasdale can be found over at IGN.

Rock Band 2: The Opening Act []

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Keep the expensive stuff fresh

3-Bottle Wine Saver Home

If you are a true wine connoisseur you probably already heard of this one, but here is a solution that can keep your expensive wines (well at least 3 bottles) fresh for years and years to come. It basically just fills up the bottle with argon, an inert gas twice as dense as oxygen. The price is $599…so the wines got to be Expensive with a capital E.

3-Bottle Wine Saver Home []
via [Uncrate]

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Windows 3.11 running inside Vista

Windows 3.11 running inside Vista

I’m not sure WHY you should do this (because you can? ;-) ) But apparently you can install Windows 3.11 for workgroups using the software DOSBox and have it running inside Windows Vista…Yeez.

Windows 3.11 on Vista []

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24 creative advertisements

Nissan Cube Advertisement - Break Glass in Case of Adventure

I’ll start with a little sidetrack today – I thought you might be interested in checking out these 24 really cool and creative advertisements. The one above is one of the featured ads from Nissan.

24 Unforgettable Advertisements []

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The Glowing spaghetti lamp

Laluna fiber optic lamp

Ok, it is not glowing spaghetti it is in fact made out of optical fiber (surprise! ;) ). One really cool with the Laluna fiber optic lamp is that you can change the color of the lighting by using a turning color wheel:

Laluna fiber optic lamp

The lamp is available in two sizes and the price is between $1000 to $1200.

Laluna fiber optic lamp []

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Holographic 3D display

Holographic 3D display

The guys at USC Lab have invented a cheap and innovative solution for presenting 3D holographic displays like the Star Wars Tie Fighter above. The basics of the design is a rotating mirror and a heavily modified DLP projector. Check out the video after the jump, pretty impressive!

USC Lab Creates 3-D Holographic Displays, Brings TIE Fighters to Life []

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Human Touch massage chair

Human Touch massage chair

Here is a fresh snapshot taken outside a Sharper image store displaying a Human Touch massage chair. Looks familiar…cheeeez…I’m not sure if that designer will get to make any more packade designs for Human Touch…

Sharper Image Human Touch Massage Chairs Look Familiar []

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Nike Hyperdunks

Nike Hyperdunks

Do you remember the product placement Nike did in Back to the future II? Marty McFly put on some weird sneakers featuring some cool auto-lacing mechanism. Nike is about to launch a new shoe inspired by the movie sneaker and it will be available by the end of July. You will not get the auto lacing mechanism though…

Great Scott! The 2015 McFly Sneakers Are Now (Somewhat) Real []

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Paper Shampoo

Paper Shampoo

If you are bothered with the liquid regulations on airplanes you might be interested in this new and weird paper shampoo. Just add some water to the thin shampoo paper and it turns into regular shampoo. If you have any experience with this stuff, please let me know.

Paper shampoo avoids carry on baggage hassles when traveling []

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Scalextric on acid

Scalextric 8 track

The UK based event firm Eventshouse have pretty nice Scalextric set for hire. It is a full classic 8 track and includes a computer that keeps track of all lap times, points and winners.

8 Lane Scalextric []

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