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CVT i3101 iPhone Dock

CVT i3101 iPhone Dock

This might look like just another iPhone/iPod dock, but what I really like with this one is that it’s wall-mountable. I would definitely consider one of these in either my kitchen or bed room. Nice one, especially since it’s quite cheap – only $100.

CVT i3101 iPhone Dock []
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Classy saw

Revolution XT Tile Saw

If you want nice tools and good looking tools you’re probably really interested in checking out this nice little saw called Revolution XT Tile Saw. It’s a classy saw that can be yours for a measly $1500 ;-).

Revolution XT Tile Saw []

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Speed painting

Speed painting

Out of topic, I know, but I thought this speed painting by Martin Missfeldt was really cool. In just 4 minutes you can see how he managed to draw the picture above – and yes, it actually took him 3-4 hours so it’s not in real time.

F1 CRASH – Speed painting by Martin Missfeldt []

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Endeavour with earth in the back

Endeavour with earth in the back

I just wanted to share this cool photo featuring NASA’s Endeavour with earth in the background. Neat.

Endeavour []

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Brilliant compact desk

Brilliant compact desk

The idea behind this compact desk is nothing but brilliant! In a few seconds you can convert the 75 cm / 30-inch cabinet into a full-size 140 cm / 55-inch, desk. You can get your own for $500.

Convertible Compact Desk []

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iPhone 2.0.2


If you have had problems with the 3G part of your new iPhone be sure to pick up the new 2.0.2 firmware. Apple has confirmed that it fixes some glitches related to the communication with 3G networks.

Apple: iPhone 2.0.2 update targets 3G issues []

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Be careful with your iPhone

Be careful with your iPhone

I actually dropped my iPhone 3G quite badly a couple of days ago and it only got a small mark in one of the plastic corners, but this guy wasn’t as lucky. He did something similiar and dropped the phone from about three feet into the sidewalk, and now his phone is ready for the trash bin.

Don’t let this happen to your iPhone []

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Crazy wiring

Crazy wiring

So you think you have a messy installation? Think again. Check out this gallery containing nothing but cable frenzy.

Crazy wiring – part 5 []

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Get in shape with gadgets

Nintendo Wii Fit

Getting in shape can be a hard task and buying new and useful gadget can be something that makes your journey into fitness heaven a much more fun and pleasant ride. Here’s a compilation of 7 gadgets that can help you get in shape. Above you can see the Nintendo Wii Fit.

7 Gadgets to Help You Get in Shape []

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Waste of resources

Quarter Million Dollars of Digital Photo Gear in a Single Photo

This might be a cool photo for some people, but personally I think it’s nothing but plain stupid. It’s a photo of a bunch of photographers covering the Beijing Olympics and I can of course understand all problems that this kind of mass coverage solves – but to me it’s just a plain waste of resources.

Quarter Million Dollars of Digital Photo Gear in a Single Photo []

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