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Samsung ION notebook photo

Samsung ION notebook

I just received a photo of the upcoming Samsung ION notebook in my mail so I just wanted to share it with you guys. No details onmodel name, specs, pricing, or ETA for it yet, but at least we’ve got a photo – it looks just like any other PC laptop though…

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Pioneer S-IW891 and S-IC891A

Pioneer S-IW891

The Pioneer S-IW891 and the S-IC891A (remember those if you can…) is the name of Pioneer’s new Elite architectural speakers that was announced in a press release earlier today. They are aimed at the high end people who like nice installations with in-wall and in-ceiling speaker models. More images and information inside.

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The evolution of Photoshop

Photoshop 1.0 vs Photoshop CS4

Adobe’s Photoshop software has been around for many, many years and that’s why it’s quite interesting to see the development of the user interface, splash screens etc. from the first verision (1988) to the latest version – Photoshop CS4.

Evolution of Photoshop: 1988 – 2009 []

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Airplane USB hub with fan

Airplane USB hub with fan

Here is the perfect USB hub for hot summer days. It features an airplane with 4 USB ports and a propeller fan in the front. The fan can be switched on or off and the device also has a 5 second flying-off sound effect. The price is $14. More information and photos inside.

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Tiny multimedia keyboard

Tiny multimedia keyboard

If you are looking for a small USB keyboard this might be something for you. This keyboard measures only 170 x 80 x 15mm and weighs in at 150g. It will cost you $29 and it is available in both black and white. More information and photos inside.

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Nikon D5000 – review

Nikon D5000

Nikon D5000 is the answer to Canon’s new EOS 500D, and they have been running a tight race the last couple of years. Personally I have been using the Canon cameras since day one, but that is mainly because all of my lenses fit the Canon body. The D5000 sure looks like a really nice camera and the review from the Photographyblog rates it as ‘highly recommended‘.

Nikon D5000 []

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1 million iPhone 3G S sold

iPhone 3G S

Apple sold over 1 million iPhone 3G S phones during the first 3 days. Pretty good and quite a dramatic difference if you compare it to how many phones Apple sold during Q3/Q4 2007 when they launched the first iPhone – 1,389,000 phones. Full press release inside.

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OS X dock replacements

Dock - OS X dock replacement

The OS X dock is pretty useful, but if you perform several different tasks it might be useful to be able to switch between different sets of applications and folders in your dock. Here’s a fresh list of 10 useful Mac OS X dock replacements.

10 nifty Mac OS X Dock replacements []

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Abstract 3D artwork

Abstract 3D artwork

If you’re looking for a new, abstract desktop background you can browse around this gallery containing 42 different abstract 3D creations. Some of them look pretty cool!

42 Amazing 3D Abstract Artwork []

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Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate …


Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate Available Now

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