USB cassette player

Convert tapes to mp3

If you have lots of old cassette tapes in your drawers you might be interested in this nice little gadget that will convert your old tapes into more useable mp3 files. You still need to record the audio on a PC or Mac though – I would have loved a cassette player that just converted the audio automatically into media files and stored them on a memory card.

* Converts your old cassettes and mix tapes to today’s format
* Software to clean up worn cassettes and improve sound quality
* Hear the great old music you haven’t heard since your last car with a cassette player
* Full functional cassette deck with counter function
* Built-in speaker to monitor your recording
* Plug and Play USB audio interface—no drivers needed

Here’s where to get it:

090616_1c 090616_1b 090616_1a

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5 Responses to USB cassette player

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  3. laci says:

    I like it :)

  4. S. N. AROSKAR says:

    looking for such an unit – where available & at ?what cost

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