iPhone camera shootout

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3Gs vs iPhone 3G

Today I have done a camera shootout with the iPhone 4, the iPhone 3Gs and the iPhone 3G. As you already know the difference between the cameras in these phones is quite big but it was interesting to find out just how big. Check out the shootout gallery inside.

I started with a plain shootout setup with a few different colorful objects. First out was the iPhone 3G and as you can see the end result is very washed out and a bit grainy.

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3Gs vs iPhone 3G

The 3Gs managed to get a slightly better photo…
iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3Gs vs iPhone 3G

…and the iPhone 4 was the best of the bunch, even though that photo also was a bit washed out.
iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3Gs vs iPhone 3G

And here’s a reference shot from my 550D with a 1.4 lens.
iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3Gs vs iPhone 3G

But to really see the difference between these cameras I put together an overview containing 100% crops. It’s not fair comparing the iPhones with an 18 megapixel DSLR but it’s good to have as a reference.

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3Gs vs iPhone 3G

iPhone camera shootout part 2

iPhone camera shootout part 3

iPhone camera shootout part 4

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17 Responses to iPhone camera shootout

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  7. Efithian says:

    It would be nice to see the comparable video performance of each of these. I own all 4, and I find the video performance of the iPhone to be exceptional at 720p, but nowhere near as nice as the 550D at the same resolution.

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  9. JunoMindoes says:

    It’s sorry to hear that Some white iPhone 4 buyers have reported signal reduction when the phone is held in certain ways, especially in the left hand, as the antenna problem is in the bottom left corner of the phone’s side casing. Is that mean i have to wait longer to get the white iphone 4?

  10. JunoMindoes says:

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  11. ari says:

    my camera 3g doesn’;t work, how????

  12. ari says:

    how to nget my 3g iphone camera works???

  13. Shym says:

    aha,i think  iPhone is just a phone ,the camera can’t be good than a canon,i like the watch ,is it a tagheuer watch,and it also like a breitling watch.

  14. nice and cool camera result. hoping to have same mobile with same camera.

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