Keeping it amazingly complicated

Nokia vs Sony Ericsson vs Apple

Above you can see the current list of available models from Nokias site. I’m quite amazed how they have managed to put together such a complicated range of products. It’s quite a challenge to pick the ‘perfect phone’. 44 models listed in their ‘short list’. And it’s even worse over at Sony Ericsson’s site, they present over 70 different models when you browse around trying to get an overview:

Nokia vs Sony Ericsson vs Apple

If you compare it to Apple’s range of models, it’s quite a dramatic difference. Two models to choose from, and most people probably think both of them are the same thing, simply an iPhone. No wonder why they are growing their market share like crazy.

Nokia vs Sony Ericsson vs Apple

If Nokia and Sony Ericsson don’t do something dramatic about their product portfolio during the next couple of years, they are in real trouble. Just check out the development year-to-year regarding shipped mobile units:

Nokia vs Sony Ericsson vs Apple

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4 Responses to Keeping it amazingly complicated

  1. TheScientist says:

    while i agree with you about the first two pages, especially the sony one, that they present you with far too much information at once, i’m sure it’s not hard to eliminate a large number of those phones very quickly.

    however, with the iphone, that’s pretty much it, you just choose the size, then black or white. While in principle this is good, it doesn’t address people that don’t want all of the features of the iphone. For example the people that just like to buy a cheap phone for calls and text, an iphone is absolute overkill and most likely way outside their price range.
    I also would not be surprised if nokia and sony had similar large growth at some stage. While it wouldn’t be as large absolutely, you have to bear in mind that both of those companies were in at the start, while apple entered into an established market where people change their phones every few years. It’s still very impressive, but their growth and market share across the next decade would be more interesting. That graph you posted a while ago with predicted market share was the dodgiest interpolation i’ve seen in some time though; they were predicting based off two years data for the next 5 or so. any two points will give a straight line.

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  3. chaps says:

    Typical… I bet that only shows US markets. elsewhere in the world, Nokia is still going great guns and Samsung si still doing well enough…

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