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TypeDrawing – draw with fonts,…

TypeDrawing – draw with fonts, nice iPhone app. http://twitpic.com/7glel

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iPhone apps for designers

The iPhone app - Palettes

Here is a list of some great iPhone apps that can be helpful for a designer. Above you can see an application simply called ‘Palette’ that will let you sample colors and create color schemes. Read more about Palette and 12 other iPhone apps over at Webdesignerdepot.

13 iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers [webdesignerdepot.com]

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Muzetto laptop bag

Muzetto laptop bag

Today WaterField design announced a nice new leather laptop bag. It measures 14″ x 11″ (35 x 28 cm( and is made out of distressed cowhide leather. Looks kind of nice if you would ask me. It’s available now for $239. There is also a smaller model available for $179. More information inside.

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25 nice wine bottle designs

25 nice wine bottle designs

I’m a big wine fan and I admit that sometimes I buy a bottle just because it has a nice label or an unusual bottle. Here’s a collection of 25 nice wine bottle designs. Check them out.

25 brilliant wine label, bottle & package designs [designer-daily.com]

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Creative staircases

Creative glass staircase

Here is a bunch of really creative and unsual staircase designs. You can find 20 of them in the gallery below and one of the coolest ones is features above – a glass staircase with independent glass panel balustrade and wall mounted handrail.

Unusual and Creative Staircase Designs [toxel.com]

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Bench or sofa?

Bench or sofa?

Even though I don’t want one of these at home I really dig the innovative design. It doubles up beautifully both as a sofa and as a bench.

Double Up [likecool.com]

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Best concept phones of 2008

Over at Cellphonebeat you can browse through a huge gallery containing some of the best concept phones of 2008 (and I think some of them are a bit older than that as well). Above you can see the concept Siemens phone called Gigaset Eco Leaf from Formwelt Studio. Anyway, a nice gallery.

Best concept phones of 2008 [cellphonebeat.com]

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Make bowls not war

This got to be one of the coolest home made designs I have seen in a while. It is a bowl made out of plastic war model soldiers. The bowl is designed by the UK designer Dominic Wilcox.

War Bowl [dominicwilcox.com]
via [likecool.com]

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Creative Japanese barcodes

Amazingly Creative Japanese Barcodes

This kind of creative barcode design is completely new to me, but apparently it’s quite common in Asia – or at least Japan. Here’s a full gallery of some unusual product barcodes. Please comment if you have seen similar designs in your country (or if you are missing out on them as well).

Amazingly Creative Japanese Barcodes [weirdasianews.com]

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The sound chaser

The sound chaser

This product is quite useless since the sound it produces is really annoying, but I love the idea. Designer Yuri Suzuki has spliced a vinyl LP into small tracks and created a small little gadget called the ‘sound chaser‘ that basically runs around the track and (kind of) plays whatever is on the original LP.

Tiny Chaser in my Hand [yankodesign.com]

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