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50 innovations in package design

50 Innovations in Packaging

I’m really into interesting, beautiful and unusual package design, so I really liked this little compilation featuring 50 innovations in package design. The one above is an anti-theft bag for your lunch sandwich. Nice. 49 more to check out over at trendhunter.com:

50 Innovations in Packaging [trendhunter.com]

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Weird clock designs

Weird clock designs

I guess you have seen some of them before (at least I have seen almost all of them before) but the compilation is unique. Simply a bunch of really cool and weird wall clocks. And yay! Welcome back! =)

Collection of Unusual Clock Designs [toxel.com]

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Brilliant compact desk

Brilliant compact desk

The idea behind this compact desk is nothing but brilliant! In a few seconds you can convert the 75 cm / 30-inch cabinet into a full-size 140 cm / 55-inch, desk. You can get your own for $500.

Convertible Compact Desk [uncrate.com]

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Nice concept cars

Nice concept cars

The students at Royal College of Art got the opportunity to design the concept car of their dreams in a class, and here’s the result. Some of them are pretty amazing. The concept above is called Phoenix and is designed by Sergio Loureiro Da Silva.

Awesome concept cars [abduzeedo.com]

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Art Lebedev’s Matryoshka Dolls

Art Lebedev Matryoshka

In case you missed them the first time, here is a new set of the Storage capacity dolls from Art Lebedev. For $50 you get six dolls tagged with bit, byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte and terabyte. Kind of cute, and very geeky, if you would ask me.

Art Lebedev Matryoshka ‘Storage Capacity’ Dolls Now Available in Black [nexus404.com]

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Spice up your garden

Zombie of Montclaire Moors Sculpture

Ok, I this one will never ever hit my garden (well ok, for Halloween maybe) but it made me smile so I just have to share it. If you spend $90 you can have a zombie like the one above sticking up it’s ugly face through your garden plot.

The Zombie of Montclaire Moors Sculpture [designtoscano.com]
via [Nerdapproved.com]

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Packing material robots

Packing material robots

You got to be pretty dedicated to pull off something like building this 22-foot-tall giant robot made out of polystyrene. Michael Salter is the guy behind the creation and he has been working on this one, and all the smaller ones, the whole winter. Pretty weird if you would ask me :-)

Marvel at the 22-foot-tall polystyrene giant robot sculpture [dvice.com]
via [techdigest.tv]

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Beer can phone

Beer can phone

Care for a beer? Too bad it’s just a phone then. This Budweiser beer can phone can be yours for $11.99 and works just like an ordinary phone. A bit too tacky for my taste though… :-)

Unique Beer Can Telephone [sourcingmap.com]

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50 cool wallpapers

Macintosh discoteque wallpaper

I was hunting for a new, cool wallpaper today and stumbled across this nice collection of 50 really cool wallpapers. Check them out if you want to renew your desktop.

50 More Wallpapers for Designers [outlawdesignblog.com]

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Sadistic alarm clock

Tyrant - Sadistic alarm clock

Alice Wang is a cool designer from Taipei, Taiwan. She is a graduate from Central St. Martins College of Art and Design and here is one of her latest prototypes. It is a sadistic alarm clock called ‘Tyrant’. The alarm clock is supposed to take over your mobile phone if you don’t turn the alarm off and dial a new random number every 3 minutes…

Tyrant [alice-wang.com]

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