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Original Pac-Man concept drawings

Original Pac-Man concept drawings

The Pac-Man arcade game was released in 1980 by Namco and it’s probably the most famous arcade game ever. 1up.com has published a few concept drawings made by Toru Iwatani, the creator of Pac-Man, from 1979. Pretty cool stuff.

Original Pac-Man Design Sketches, Circa 1979, Surface Online [1up.com]

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EA iPhone games for 99 cents

NBA Live 2010

If you’ve been longing for an EA Game for your iPhone but thought they were too expensive, you now got the chance to buy 16 of EA’s top games for 99 cents only. The games on sale are Need for Speed Shift, Sim City, Command & Conquer, Fifa World Cup, Tiger Woods Fifa 10 and a few other top games. Only for 48 hours, so get them fast if you want them.

iTunes link

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Atari Game Cartridge Clocks

Atari Game Cartridge Clocks

Over at Geekware you can get hold of some very nice original Atari game cartridges that have been converted into desk clocks. They are $24.95 and a piece and I just bought the ‘Asteroids’ cartridge so I guess that you have to choose between the ‘Ms Pacman’ or ‘Centipede’ if you want one of these lovely clocks.

Atari Game Cartridge Clock [geekware.ca]

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10 hardcore games for the iPhone

Metal Gear Solid Touch

If you are a hardcore gamer with an iPhone here is a list to check out if you need some advice on what to spend your hard earned money on. Their absolut favorite is Wolfenstein 3D Classic and Metal Gear Solid Touch, featured above, is their runner-up. Here’s the full list.

10 best iPhone games for hardcore gamers [techradar.com]

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Learning social behaviour online?

Youngsters playing computer games at an Internet café in Shanghai.

Mizuko Ito, researcher at the University of California and author of a study focusing on young people and their social behaviour in an online environment has found at that it can be an effective way of picking up and learning social behaviour:

“But we found that spending time online is essential for young people to pick up the social and technical skills they need to be competent citizens in the digital age,” said Mizuko Ito.

Teenagers learn important social, technical skills online: study [physorg.com]

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$250 000 in 2 months

Steve Demeter demonstrating his Trism game

Even though the iPhone game Trism only sells for $5 it made a total profit of $250,000 for the developer Steve Demeter during the first two months. Pretty insane actually but the scene is getting crowded since there are over 1500 games available in Apple’s app store.

Developer strikes it rich with iPhone game [cnn.com]

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Control games with your iPhone

ifun - Control games with your iPhone

I haven’t tried it yet so I don’t know if it’s any good but it’s at least a pretty good idea. Since the iPhone features pretty advanced accelerometer technology, SGN has created a bunch of games that is played on your computer but where you use your iPhone to control the actual game.

Turn Your iPhone into a Computer Game Controller With iFun [mashable.com]

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10 worst movie games ever

Raiders of the lost ark

It is very easy to see that that this video game is based on Raiders of the lost ark, right? ;-) Here’s an enjoyable list of the 10 worst games based on a movie. Yeah, and all you PS3 and Xbox 360 kids, this is what games look like when I was young…hehe.

Worst Movie Games Ever [Wired.com]

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Rock Band 2

The new guitar from Rock Band 2

The first edition of Rock Band isn’t even launched in countries like Sweden, but in the US (and other countries of course) you might be able to pick up Rock Band 2 already in September – at least if you own a Xbox 360. A long interview with the Lead Designer Dan Teasdale can be found over at IGN.

Rock Band 2: The Opening Act [ign.com]

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Wii-fit actually makes you fit

Mickey DeLorenz lost 15 pounds

Mickey DeLorenz has been using his Nintendo Wii and the Wii-fit daily for the past 45 days. Guess what? He lost 15 pounds (7 kilos). Yepp, the thing actually works, check it out.

Man’s Wii Fit experiment comes to an end, 15 pounds shed [Engadget]

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