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Blackberry made out of Lego

Blackberry made out of Lego
Nathan Sawaya has created a gigantic Blackberry Tour 9360 out of Lego, complete with a working LCD screen as a display. It’s way more impressive than his tiny iPhone lego sculpture. Check it out.

iPhone case [ryanglasgow.com]

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Lego gadgets

Lego gadgets

At least here in Sweden all kids have played with Lego bricks sometime, and I was really fond of it when I was a kid. Here is a gallery of some nice gadgets inspired by the classic Danish Lego bricks. Above you can see a nice music player and there is 16 more over at Toxel:

17 Gadgets Inspired by LEGO Bricks [Toxel.com]

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Lego egg timer

Lego egg timer

Reviewing an egg timer is a bit over the top even for me, but I think the product is quite nice so I just wanted to share it with you guys. You can get it from the lego store.

Lightning Review: Lego Egg Timer [Gizmodo]

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What’s the deal with LEGO video games?

Indiana Jones LEGO video game

Sure, I can see the point in playing around with a small Indiana Jones dude in LEGO, and I can see the point in playing an Indiana Jones video game – but who would really be interested in playing the Indiana Jones LEGO video game. To me it’s just a really bad idea, what do you think?

Lego Indiana Jones demo now available for PC [joystiq.com]

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