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Internet Explorer 9 – test drive

Internet Explorer 9

A platform demo version of Internet Explorer 9 have been released by Microsoft. It’s a Windows only software but it can be of interest to see what this future browser might look like, even though there’s a lot of development to do before a final version will be officially available. To try the new browser you need Windows Vista SP2 (With Platform Upgrade) or Windows 7, and an existing Internet Explorer 8 installation.


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Apple vs Microsoft design philosophy

Apple vs Microsoft

This side-by-side comparison by a remote from Apple and a remote from Microsoft, supposed to do basically the same things made me smile. You can probably do some things much faster by using the Microsoft remote, but I really like Apple’s design philosophy…

These two remotes, by Apple (left, Apple TV)… [marco.org]

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Windows 7 Release candidate

Windows 7

Windows 7 will be launched on October 22, 2009 and the final version is nearly finished. The latest version is the ‘release candidate’ and PC Mag has checked it out all the new features and also published a slideshow with 50 shots. Will you upgrade to Windows 7?

Windows 7 Release Candidate [pcmag.com]

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Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000

We just got a press release from Microsoft letting us now that they will launch their brand new Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 in June. The mouse features the new BlueTrack Technology which will let you use the mouse even on shiny materials. Along with the Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 comes the Mobile Mouse 5000 and the new wireless keyboard Wireless Desktop 3000. More information inside.

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