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Blackberry storm

Blackberry storm

Gizmodo has listed 10 different reviews of the hot, brand new Blackberry storm and the opinions vary. Some love it, some think it’s a miserable failure. I would probably not give up my iPhone for this one, but it looks kind of impressing anyway. The phone will be available tomorrow.

10 Takes on the Blackberry Storm [Gizmodo]

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Ricoh GR Digital II – review

Ricoh GR Digital II

I just got a mail from Mark over at Photographyblog letting us know that they have published a nice review of the quite unusual camera GR Digital II from Richoh. It looks like something made in Russia in the 1970s but got an awesome review:

Back in the real world, we’re left with a pocket camera that is a veritable pleasure to use and which delivers excellent photos at slower ISO speeds. If you want the ultimate image quality, then you should clearly choose the Sigma DP1, despite its short-comings. If you want a more well-rounded and versatile 28mm camera, then the Ricoh is still a fantastic choice for the serious photographer.

So if you are looking for a new small pocket camera this one might be worth checking out.

Ricoh GR Digital II Review [photographyblog.com]

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