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Weird clock designs

Weird clock designs

I guess you have seen some of them before (at least I have seen almost all of them before) but the compilation is unique. Simply a bunch of really cool and weird wall clocks. And yay! Welcome back! =)

Collection of Unusual Clock Designs [toxel.com]

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Lasering the tattoo

Lasering the tattoo

Ok, this is a bad idea. Hear me, bad idea! But it’s fun to watch. Here’s a short clip featuring a guy doing robot tattoos using a laser etcher. It would be interesting to see how the ‘tattoo’ looks like after a year or two. Video after the jump

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iPhone 3G line – paid by Apple?

iPhone 3G line - paid by Apple

Waiting in a tent outside an Apple store for a week and get a slightly updated phone – and pay for it as well – is just so absurd that it honestly makes me think that it’s just a PR thing from Apple. The photo above is taken today outside the Apple Store in NYC.

What do you think? Would you stand in line for more than a couple of hours to get an iPhone 3G? I wouldn’t stand in line for more than 10 minutes…

Let Freedom Ring (iPhone 3G style) [geardiary.com]

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Ovei Pod

If you got a nice $100 000 to spend on a weird product that you can use as your own private get away, you might want to check out the Ovei pod. They have been working on the device for 6 years so it ought to be good. At least you get the air condition system as they use in formula 1 cars. The units are made in UK but can be shipped all over the world.

Ovei home cinema pod unveiled [techradar.com]

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Human Touch massage chair

Human Touch massage chair

Here is a fresh snapshot taken outside a Sharper image store displaying a Human Touch massage chair. Looks familiar…cheeeez…I’m not sure if that designer will get to make any more packade designs for Human Touch…

Sharper Image Human Touch Massage Chairs Look Familiar [gizmodo.com]

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Paper Shampoo

Paper Shampoo

If you are bothered with the liquid regulations on airplanes you might be interested in this new and weird paper shampoo. Just add some water to the thin shampoo paper and it turns into regular shampoo. If you have any experience with this stuff, please let me know.

Paper shampoo avoids carry on baggage hassles when traveling [geardiary.com]

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