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Windows vs Apple, blu-ray envy

Microsoft is swinging at Apple again with this new commercial featuring a Windows 7 laptop showing Avatar on a blu-ray disc and a jealous MacBook looking from the side. In countries such as Sweden it sure can be painful that there’s no Apple computer with a blu-ray player available – since you can’t rent any movies through iTunes. But in other countries where you can rent HD movies the problem is much smaller. I use a Mac mini as the center of my home entertaiment system and it sure is a shame that I need to have a blu-ray player as well. I definitely see why Apple want to skip this step and move directly to streaming media, but we’re not there yet.

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Windows 7 wallpapers

Windows 7 wallpaper

So, you got your nice new Windows 7 installation but realize that the bundled wallpapers are quite boring? Don’t despair here’s a bunch of nice Windows 7 wallpapers!

22 Gorgeous Windows 7 Wallpapers [blaberize.com]
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Windows 7 Release candidate

Windows 7

Windows 7 will be launched on October 22, 2009 and the final version is nearly finished. The latest version is the ‘release candidate’ and PC Mag has checked it out all the new features and also published a slideshow with 50 shots. Will you upgrade to Windows 7?

Windows 7 Release Candidate [pcmag.com]

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Cool features in Windows 7

Multi touch in Windows 7

To be totally honested I’m not that impressed by Windows 7 yet, but it still got some nice new features where the coolest one got to be the multi touch feature. Here’s a list of the 9 nicest things that will come in the upcoming Windows 7.

9 Features You Must Enjoy In Windows 7 RC [softsailor.com]

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