Weird clock designs

Weird clock designs

I guess you have seen some of them before (at least I have seen almost all of them before) but the compilation is unique. Simply a bunch of really cool and weird wall clocks. And yay! Welcome back! =)

Collection of Unusual Clock Designs []

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  1. Nevin says:

    Last year I donated a bercalet after seeing info on FB through HMB page. When I recieved the latest e-mail and read the number of bercalets still needed to reach their goal I sat down and made these right away. I know what it’s like to live in pain everyday (as you know) but I can go about my day and do what I need and wish to do 95% of the time. I admire the strength and bravery these children have, the compassion and selflessness the parents have for their children, and the adults themselves living with a rare disease with no cure. God bless them. I hope to make more soon too. To give a smile to someone is like giving a hug of hope. That’s how I think of the bercalet when it is given to the recipient. : )

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