Weird clock designs

Weird clock designs

I guess you have seen some of them before (at least I have seen almost all of them before) but the compilation is unique. Simply a bunch of really cool and weird wall clocks. And yay! Welcome back! =)

Collection of Unusual Clock Designs []

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  1. Nevin says:

    Last year I donated a bercalet after seeing info on FB through HMB page. When I recieved the latest e-mail and read the number of bercalets still needed to reach their goal I sat down and made these right away. I know what it’s like to live in pain everyday (as you know) but I can go about my day and do what I need and wish to do 95% of the time. I admire the strength and bravery these children have, the compassion and selflessness the parents have for their children, and the adults themselves living with a rare disease with no cure. God bless them. I hope to make more soon too. To give a smile to someone is like giving a hug of hope. That’s how I think of the bercalet when it is given to the recipient. : )

  2. Aldrejoyce says:

    Hope you had a WONDERFUL Christmas and a very Happy New Year with all your goodies!!!! Looking forawrd to another year of fun new graphics from the best in the business! Wishing you and yours the best in everything!Shelly

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