What’s inside Mac App Store?

Mac App Store är live!

tuaw has published some interesting facts about the available apps in the new ‘Mac App Store’, and as you can see there are close to 1 000 apps, mostly priced between $10 – $50, and almost 600 of them are games. Check out the article for more info:

Mac App Store by the numbers — almost 1,000 apps on Day One [tuaw.com]

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  2. Friendlink says:

    Today’s launch of the Mac App Store will doubtless be feeding analyst speculation for some time to come.

  3. Friendlink says:

    Developers who choose to work within it gain exposure; users who use it gain frictionless purchasing ability, unobtrusive DRM (perhaps too unobtrusive), and slick updating.

  4. Friendlink says:

    However, there are costs — most prominently, Apple takes a 30% cut of revenues, which might not sit too well with some companies.

  5. Friendlink says:

    Apple’s tight restrictions on what apps can do rule out a lot of programs which modify your system in various ways that Apple doesn’t approve of.

  6. Friendlink says:

    It’s too early to say how it’s going down with users, but how many developers have committed to the store for launch day?

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